What we are all about

NDN Brands’ mission is to create premium, organic alcoholic beverages made with high-quality ingredients, exceeding the current offerings on the market.

Our passion point centers being a global ethnic brand that produces high-quality organic beer and sipping spirits from the highest quality ingredients. NDN Brands is thoughtful and calculated in its approach to production, and places great importance on selecting facilities in regions where ingredients thrive and the end result is not only great, but exceptional.

JaiHo Midnight

Jai Ho Midnight is an India Pale Ale that features a red orange pour with a frothy white head and a smooth, citrus aroma. It has a bold hop bite and a nice light finish.

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Why you should invest

In today’s digital world, people fill most of their daily needs online. From grocery shopping to ordering car service, there’s very little that can’t be done with a few keystrokes, but there’s absolutely nothing like quality human interaction. No phone or computer screen compares. That’s why we strive to service (and enhance) businesses in the restaurant and bar industry—places where people can go to enjoy genuine social and personal interaction with our premium organic craft beer. A novel idea!

As an investor in NDN BV, Inc., you will play a role in bringing our passion to fruition and supplying our high-quality, all-organic beer and liquor brands to restaurants, bars and fine-dining establishments near you.

Our Plan

How we intend to make money

We value our investors and their hard earned money, and consider them equal partners for earned profit on the brand. With a targeted sales model, high-quality, organic offerings, a low-cost employee and warehousing structure, and a solid, experienced-based PR and marketing plan in place, NDN Brands is set for success, and laser focused on providing our premium products to restaurants and bars throughout the world.

Why we are raising capital

Funds will be used to increase inventory, add to our sales force, and support marketing and PR efforts.

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