What we are all about

NDN Brands’ mission is to create premium, organic alcoholic beverages made with high-quality ingredients, exceeding the current offerings on the market.

Our passion point centers being a global ethnic brand that produces high-quality organic beer and sipping spirits from the highest quality ingredients. NDN Brands is thoughtful and calculated in its approach to production, and places great importance on selecting facilities in regions where ingredients thrive and the end result is not only great, but exceptional.

Jai Ho Beer Logo

When you experience the flavours we create at Jai Ho Brewing, you’ll understand the passion we have for creating the perfect beer. With a focus on slow brewing, our philosophy is to take high quality natural ingredients and interfere as minimally as possible. We use organic raw ingredients and crystal clear water from the Scandinavian underground to create beer that even Mother Nature would be proud of. Beer is a masterpiece we create in partnership with Mother Nature. And we couldn’t wish for a better mentor. Whether it’s Midday or Midnight, enjoy our beer in the company of the people you treasure – for a new perspective of happiness.

jai ho midday beer jai ho midnight beer

Why you should invest

Invest in a proven brand in an expanding industry during a rare and perfect storm.

We present an opportunity that capitalises on the unique nature of the past year offering opt-in at low or calculated risk with a high likelihood of imminent returns.
We capitalise on demand for diversity of flavors, variety in personal food and beverage consumption during periods of sheltering at home, consumer preferences toward quality ingredients, and the unwavering desire to relax the mind from concerns of all kinds.
We benefit from the new legal structure that allows restaurants to deliver our beverages to homes where the product becomes the highlight of a consumer’s week.
The Result?
We suddenly achieve transition to not just repeat online orders, but a level of loyalty that is etched in the psyche.

How we intend to make money

We value our investors and their hard earned money, and consider them equal partners for earned profit on the brand. With a targeted sales model, high-quality, organic offerings, a low-cost employee and warehousing structure, and a solid, experienced-based PR and marketing plan in place, NDN Brands is set for success, and laser focused on providing our premium products to restaurants and bars throughout the world.

Why we are raising capital

Funds will be used to increase inventory, add to our sales force, and support marketing and PR efforts.

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